Spring cleaning your finances

Out with the old in with the new! Now it’s time to spring clean your finances. I think spring should include an annual “financial check” – a bit like going to the doctor. Chart the current situation and then reduce or remove some costs altogether.


1. Financial control

financial loan

Log in to your bank, draw up the bank statement for the last three months and review the costs. Sort the costs into different categories for example, food, transport or pleasure. It’s simple and goes fast, believe me. Pull down or remove unnecessary costs completely. Compare your outcome with the Swedish Consumer Agency’s recommendations.


2. Castle or hut

Is a room empty? Is it boring to eat alone? Rent out and pull in some extra dough. The housing is a large cost item and in general we Swedes live on too much space. Remember that the standard deduction is $ 40,000 per dwelling, after which you estimate 30 percent of the income.

Tip : Many students want to rent a room, put up notes at the university.


3. Not just interest

2. Castle or hut

It can be nice to get some extra bucks. Do you have any special interest? You may be good at building websites, drawing or translating languages. Take the opportunity to earn extra money from your special interest.


4. Sell old gadgets

A survey shows that 58 percent would like to clear more often at home. On average, we have gadgets tucked away worth $30,000. On one of my previous blog posts you can read how you go about it and what the most common gadgets bring.

Review your finances and get even better balance between income and expenses. Who do you know might even spend a little money on this summer’s adventure?


5. Rent out gadgets or caravan

for sale

The degree of use of the jigsaw is often not very high. Rent out your machines when you are not using it so you do not get a little wasted. You can easily get $ 500 for a week for a cutting and cutting saw. If you have a caravan that you would like to rent, you can withdraw between $ 3,000 – 5,000.